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CakePHP RC2 Released!

Posted on 30/6/08 by Tim Koschützki

Hey folks,

in case you haven't noticed yet, Cake has gone into RC2 phase. Please check it out.

I think extra kudos go this time to gwoo for putting up countless hours to get many tickets fixed during the last two weeks. Cheers mate. :]

Here are some links that might interest you:

-- Tim Koschuetzki aka DarkAngelBGE


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David Boyer said on Jun 30, 2008:

When the next CakePHP release is approaching, we should all buy shares in the Coffee brand than Gwoo uses. Looking at his Ohloh Journal comments we'd all make a small fortune and get some tasty Cake to go with it. :)

matt  said on Jun 30, 2008:

I am pretty new to PHPCake. So maybe you can answer some question related to templating. How do you use smarty and PHPCake together...

Tim Koschützki said on Jul 01, 2008:

matt: Hey, welcome to Cake. First off, it's CakePHP. ; ) Secondly, you don't want to use Smarty with cake's templating engine and there is no need to either.

Please have a look at Cake's Manual to read about its view templating engine:

Khaled  said on Jul 01, 2008:

great news I'm checking the changelog now ...

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