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Google Chrome for Mac

Posted on 11/9/09 by Felix Geisendörfer

When @predominant linked to a OSX release for google chrome the other day I couldn't resist.

My initial feeling: Awesome. Feels much snappier than Safari 4. My only two issues: a) No support for Safari-style keyboard shortcuts for the bookmark bar items. b) Even so chrome integrates with Keychain, it doesn't seem to use my Safari logins.

Lucky for me, Google also just released their Extension API. Two hours down the sink, I created my first extension: Bookmark Bar Shortcuts.

I switched from Firefox to Safari as my main browser a long time ago because I just could not deal with its slowness on OSX. I still have a few issues with Chrome, but I think they are due to the experimental Mac release. Once Chrome goes beta I'm pretty sure Safari won't be running on my computer anymore. Nor will Firefox once somebody ports Firebug to Google Chrome.

-- Felix Geisendörfer aka the_undefined

Update: @reconbot says Ctrl + <1-9> already works on Windows. Can somebody confirm?


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deizel said on Sep 11, 2009:

You might find the Chromium builds to be more up to date than those officially released by Google.

There is a post on Lifehacker with an application you can use to update, saving you from having to download the nightlies.

If you like living on the edge that is.. ;)

Felix Geisendörfer said on Sep 11, 2009:

deizel: Thanks, just upgraded. Extension still works, packing extensions still doesn't : ).

Neo said on Sep 12, 2009:

Yep, ctrl+[1-9] works on windows since v1..

adam  said on Sep 14, 2009:

Actually, Windows' Chrome ctr+[1-9] is for tab shortcuts, not bookmark bar shortcuts

Neo said on Sep 14, 2009:

Sorry, I didn't read properly.. :P

Felix Geisendörfer said on Sep 15, 2009:

@adam Thanks for clarifying. That's how Firefox does it as well I believe. Pretty useless to me. But maybe it makes more sense with Chromes customizable homepage. Have not played with this so.

Martin Robertson  said on Sep 15, 2009:

we've started using the 'bookmarklet' to let us use Firebug on IE / Chrome etc ... saves the need to port the plugin!?

adam  said on Sep 15, 2009:

@neo no apologies needed
@felix yeah, with ctrl+tab/ctrl+shift+tab, what is the need for ctrl+[1-9]?

@martin thanks for the firebug bookmarklet.. i think firefox might get dusty now

Rom  said on Sep 17, 2009:

I agree and I love this G-Chrome!

TeckniX  said on Sep 28, 2009:

Although it's not exactly the same, the built-in Chrome Javascript Console can do a lot of the same thing firebug does.

Just figure I'd point it out, since it's not intuitive.

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